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Sally’s Performing Arts Lab podcast
I’m Sally Adams, and I’m the host of Sally’s Performing Arts Lab podcast. I have taught people how to produce original work for the stage for over 30 years.

 Learn to Produce & Direct Your Own Shows
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I think Albert Einstein said it best when he declared, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” In addition to imagination, another important tool in the performing arts is collaboration. Even solo artists must eventually collaborate with an audience in a live performance. I’m a retired drama teacher, so I’m interested in collaboration as well as amplifying the voices of those who struggle to be heard. Artistic expression is a messy business. It calls for confidence and humility, perseverance and surrender, chaos and tranquility. Experimentation, curiosity, exploration, frustration, and even sadness can fuel honest art. The collaborative process can also generate bursts of inspiration echoed by everyone involved in the construction of a single work of art. The rehearsal process allows for an invigorating kind of “failure” that supports artistic synthesis. When an idea fails, it allows for altering or rebuilding the concept. It can also mean scrapping an idea and taking a risk. That leap of faith can lead to a quantum leap in artistic expression. A performing artist’s working environment is a laboratory, not a museum. And like Einstein, artists experiment their way to the truth.


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  1. Wish there were more teachers out there like you. My kids (11 and 9) attend one of the “country’s most acclaimed public school district” but if not for great teachers who genuinely care, that phrase is little more than marketing fluff. Hooray for you!


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