Get Ready For a Reboot

I’ve been missing my blog for quite some time. But, as it is with many teachers, time to write a blog often takes a backseat to a thousand other tasks associated with the job. In this time as I consider “retiring” to the east coast with my husband, I expect to reboot the blog to reflect my next venture. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Speaking of coming along for the ride, at a recent 8th grade campout, students and teachers could choose to be harnessed and hiked up a pole. From this uncomfortable position (think: major wedgie), campers released a rope, propelling helmeted and harnessed humans into free-fall, followed by a wide, swinging ellipse as screaming, laughing, gasping participants were gradually lowered to the kissable earth. Unlike my students, I could not compel my hands to release the rope. I was unwilling to trust only my harness. Isn’t that the way with adults? I saw 30 kids take this terrifying ride. Each one released the rope as instructed and hung like rag dolls while screaming madly. But only one adult could do likewise.

As a theatrical director I find this kind of thing with adult actors who are self aware to the point of rehearsal paralysis. Most of these adult actors don’t even know they’re clinging to the metaphoric rope of their practiced behavior. It rare when adult actors release their own personality in pursuit of their humanity. But when they do, something quite magical happens… They fly.

Hanging by a Thread1 Hanging by a Thread2

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