Gamers are the Fastest Learners

A photograph of Tennis for Two taken in 1958.
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Dr. James Gee has some provocative things to say about the way learning is changing.  This is a trailer for a longer documentary on the subject of gaming and experiential learning.  I am fascinated with the subject as all arts teachers might be.  Arts is experiential by its nature.  You don’t have to play video games to have the experience of learning through experimentation or “leveling up”.  As a result of its ubiquity, gaming happens to be the model used in several studies.  This style of learning happens outside the gaming world all the time and it proves what creative instructors have known all along: social interaction, a positive culture of failure, assessment through “leveling up”, and experimentation all have a hugely favorable impact on learning.  Enjoy the video!

Watch the full episode. See more Digital Media – New Learners Of The 21st Century.

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  1. It seems the video is no longer working. I emailed PBS about it. We’ll see if that helps. I have a link to another video of Dr. Gee that I think you’ll enjoy:


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