Why ask why?

I had a couple of really great conversations with friends today about the question, “Why?” This question permeates our lives and I think where art is concerned (and this probably applies to life as well) the question, ‘why?’ is really a non starter. When we ask ‘why?’ we are really asking for a reason. If I say, “Why me?” that could be a pity party. If I ask “Why now?” I’m probably procrastinating. “Why did/didn’t you ____?” attaches blame. It goes on and on but the more I think about it, the more I can see that the question really gets in the way of creation.  Creation by definition requires no reason. You might say artists are the most unreasonable people. Today, I plan to observe my ‘reasonableness’. I will stop asking why (at least for today).  I think this is more of a practice than a definitive thing.  Giving up asking the question, ‘why?’ means I need to first start noticing that I ask it… a LOT… and sometimes implicitly. It might be fun to have a day where the word ‘because’ becomes obsolete.

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