Expressing Yourself by Taking Care of Yourself

I have recently been asking the question on my podcast: “What is your creative process?”  I realize as I’m asking the question that people hear different things.  Sometimes I think they are hearing “what do I do when I’m creating?” But what I think I’m asking is “what are you feeling that signals you are creating?” I find when we get to this part of the conversation, interviewees get excited.  It’s as though asking the question unlocks a moment and they are able to feel the excitement of the creation moment during our conversation.  I love that and I think it’s why the interviews are interesting.  We’re not just talking about the project of the moment.  We’re talking about getting in the creative ‘zone’ and really amping up the experience of life.

I’ve noticed these conversations about creativity focus my thinking on things I had been ignoring.  I usually spend a lot of time doing stuff “in order to… blah blah blah.” For instance, lately I meditate when I normally would have forgone that practice to make time for cleaning house or doing laundry or returning phone calls.  The other things still get done but they seem to get done with more enthusiasm.  So instead of taking time away from the tasks and mechanics of daily living, I am making those tasks more… fun. The daily drudgery is now opportunity for creative self-expression. Laundry is a little more fun, a book shelf gets dusted for the first time in a year, my refrigerator gets cleaned out of all the old take-out boxes.  It’s interesting to see the change. It’s not as though I whistle and the local wildlife stop in to help fold laundry.  It’s that now the chores don’t seem so serious.

It’s surprising to me how easily I’ve allowed the mechanics of living to become the purpose of living.  All the little tasks we create are the structure to support creativity.  Unless doing laundry or sweeping the porch is your art, it shouldn’t be more important than taking care of your self.  Take care by meditating, creating art, being kind to yourself.  Focus on finding your creative motivator and maybe the laundry will do itself.  If not, don’t worry… eventually, you’ll either do laundry or go shopping for new underwear.

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